Pasir Angin: Ibu Aisyah's Story.

We, I Want to Smell The Perfume, are always encouraging our women to develop themselves especially on financial independence. One of our Pasir Angin’s MOC women, Ibu Aisyah, came up with an idea to open a small warung (a small eatery/shop) to support her family’s financially. It’s one of the ideal options for our women who want to work independently without leaving her choice to be a stay at home mother. 

As a socio-enterpreneur company which is focusing in women empowerment, we gladly welcomed this proposal. We assisted Ibu Aisyah by asking her to specify her target market and goals, to keep it realistic and relatively easy as a start. Then we offer financial aid, with no interest and could be paid back by working on our products.  There was an agreement letter being made, to cement the trust and sense of responsibility between both parties.

This warung is currently selling some snack and light meals (fried fish cakes, fritters a.k.a gorengan, chicken-rice porridge), targeting the children from nearby pesantren boarding school, who don’t have many options when it comes to eating outside the class. It has some pleasing aesthetic with a sign board painted by her husband. There are several chairs and a small round table across it, usually being used by middle aged men who enjoy their coffee and cigarettes.

We (Nurul, Priliscya, and Mbak Dewi from TNP2K) tried to order her menu: two bowls of meatballs with soup, and a bowl of mie goreng. They tasted so good especially when you were hungry and shivered  from the cold air of Pasir Angin. Sorry, we were too busy eating that we forgot to take any picture of the food. 

Pasir Angin is an example of the importance of women’s role on Indonesian villages economy drive. The term “female driven economy” here is not being interpreted as placing women solely on consumption area (as potential target market), but also (and more likely) on production and distribution. Either it’s home cooked food, laundering service, groceries, fresh produce; or in our case, hand-crafting skills, they always have something to trade with.

We are happy to collaborate with these women, who always try to seek the positive light upon their lives.