About Us

I Want to Smell The Perfume is a socio-entrepreneur company which focusing on women empowerment and environmental issues. We are growing with our micro organic communities (MOC) across Jakarta and West Java. We are teaching women some skills (crocheting and embroidering at current time), and help them to break free from financial inequality and dependence.

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Our Projects

Endangered Marine Species Pillows

These pillows are hand-painted by our local artisans, hand-embroidered by our MOC women from Pasir Angin Village, West Java. They are depicting the endangered marine species from all over the world.

These pillows are available in 50x50 cm and 40x40 cm size. Shop for them at our stockist here.

No Plastic Experience Baskets

These baskets are designed to reduce excessive usage of single-used plastic bags, which is being one of biggest pollutant in marine debris problem. They are practical and durable, with beautiful and wide ranged colour options, from neutral tone to bright and vivid ones.

Available in four different size and shape (S, M, L, Shopping Bag (SB)), shop for them here, or at our Instagram shop here, or at our stockists here.

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Margaret and Callen Baskets.

One of our new products, these are hand-crocheted baskets to replace single used plastic bags at the cashier. Adapted from French net market bags, these baskets are practical and stylish at the same time.

Margaret is made from 100% cotton yarn and Callen is made from 100% polyester yarn. Shop for them here or at our Instagram shop here, or our stockist here.